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The University of New Orleans will play a leadership role as Americas Partnership University.
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The application takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete depending on connection speed.

In order to enjoy all of the features this application offers, a JavaScript enabled browser is recommended. If you are unsure if your browser is JavaScript enabled, click the button below. If you do not see a verification message, your browser is NOT JavaScript enabled. You may still continue, but features designed to help you during the application process will be disabled.

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Applicants will have the ability to go back to previous pages and make any necessary modifications. Due to the fact that this application displays certain questions based on previous answers, going back to a previously visited page will require the applicant to revisit some questions that have been already answered. If this occurs, the answers previously entered will be input as defaults and the applicant will simply be required to confirm these answers by clicking the next button.
Applicants will not be able to advance forward in the application until the current section is completed.

Questions with the following symbol -Required are required and MUST be answered.
Questions with the following symbol - If selected country is United States then State is required. are not required but MAY BECOME REQUIRED depending on how other questions are answered.

Please be sure to fill in all Required  required questions and be sure to save any given section before exiting the application. If you leave the application idle or fail to answer a question for 10 minutes, you may be required to login again. You may exit and re-enter the application at any time.

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After submitting the application, you will have the following options:
Pay your application fee online
Mail in payment.

If you decide to mail in payment, please be sure to print the application invoice and mail a copy of it along with any necessary payments. These are required to process your application.

In addition, whether you pay online or by mail, if you have never attended UNO before or if you attended elsewhere since your last UNO attendance, you must request that your official test scores and transcripts be sent to the UNO Office of Admissions.

Office of Admissions
103 Administration Building
University of New Orleans
2000 Lakeshore Dr
New Orleans,LA 70148

Thank you for you interest in the University of New Orleans!

Clicking the information icon displays help which may be of assistance to you during this process.